Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Jim Scary!

Well i understand that when the sun comes out, as i am from the great country of britain (said with a little sarcasm because of the ruddy weather!) or if you go away on a beach holiday then yes get your sun cream on, put your bikini on, that you have been on the kellogs crappy diet for at least two weeks to lose some of your love handles and enjoyingly soak up the sun. But when i saw the photograph of Jim Carrey and his gorgeous girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy, strolling on malibu beach with Jim Carrey wearing Jenny's one piece i really thought that he had took it too far! Is Borat's trend catching on?!--whats happening to the guys these days, these metrosexual guys all with manbags, one piece swimsuits, make-up?! Although i am sure, as i am a big fan of Jim Carrey, he really makes me smile, that he wore this for fun.....?

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