Sunday, 13 July 2008

Wearing your indoors, outdoors?!

I am one for not revealing too much of myself, i like clothes to cover me up! So much so that i really do need to get out of my jeans and get a nice summer dress on! Maybe i should try the new trend in at the minute which is basically wearing your under garments as your outer garments? this to me is crazy, my mum always taught me to wear my underwear as underwear?!! Although i do think when styled well , the trend can look really stylish. In todays NOTW (News of the world) Fabulous magazine there was an article on this very subject, 'Underwear as outerwear', Charlize Theron did look stunning, her corset was gorgeous i loved the really feminine fabric and the colour!Delicious! I could try the trend but me thinks i will be trying it through the night, in my cosey bed!

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