Thursday, 31 July 2008

Stylist Suggests!

Is anyone else subscribed to the H&M video podcasts, if not get subscribed! H&M sends you podcasts every month, they're quite short but very inspirational especially this months. We get the chance to hear from the amazing stylist of Sex and The City, Patricia Field on styling tips and we are shown a quick video of how she styles outfits.

Sex and the City is very well known for its saucy storylines and great one liners. Sex and the City, especially in the later episodes in the series, is very popular with it's fashions from Carrie's eclectic wardrobe, to Samantha's power dressing! All the styling is down to the great flaming red head, Patricia Field. In H&M video podcast Field describes how she puts an outft together and when i get myself ready i realise i do the same thing. I pick some basics, layer them up and add killer accessories thinking about the belt, the purse, the shoes, the jewellry etc. And with the change of the way you wear your t or the way you style your scarf you can change your outfit and its function. I do however want to take more risks in my styling, sometimes i play it too safe but my style is eclectic, not like Carrie where the whole outfit is eclectic i just dress differently with each outfit and i don't really stick to a key look, other than my basics! You can see what i mean here.

Anywhoo check out the podcast and get yourself signed up!

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