Thursday, 31 July 2008

Fall idea?! Dark Knight inspiration

The other day i went to go see the brilliant film, The Dark Knight. If you haven't seen the film you should definately go see it: if not for the action and the styling (spesh at the dinner ball!) the amazing acting from the late, Heath Ledger. His role as the joker was absolutely amazing! In some ways though, obviously i haven't met Heath but some of the jokers character i think he had in himself. Anywhoo im going off track....

I came across another article that showed this 'superhero' style fashion. And certainly this fall the tartan look i.e visit Topshop and see their new Wonderland collection, is very on trend.The fashion garment comes from the brand Therapy sold in House Of Frasier, the dogtooth pattern and specifically the colour of the dress really reminds me of a glamorous superhero character! I'm not one for lots of colour, but with this i might change my ways, the price is super too, at £45 you can afford to 'fly into danger' and not worry about any, er...rips! And with its detachable bow the dess can be worn for an evening of 'superhero..ness' or through the day when you need to keep your identity under wraps!

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