Sunday, 9 November 2008


I was a little apprehensive for fridays stylathon. As all we were told to prepare was; to keep our style tribe (which by the way has changed to students) in mind, whilst picking 5 pieces of clothing to bring to the stylathon to be able to style outfits through the day. I did have a really good day, i mean which girl wouldn't all we were doing was dressing us ladies! I was in a huge group of about 6 of us, the table was piled high with sequins, fur, jersey, neon brights, and a hell of a lot more. We didnt really set out what looks we were going for we just played about with the clothing and we did actually come up with some really lovely looks. With the help of Meg, our stylist lecturer who is infact a stylist herself (for 6 years) the looks became something completely different-amazing in fact when considering some of the outfits styled, just were the garments used as other things than that they really are. I learnt a lot through the day too-especially "don't just look at the clothing like they literally are"- a tshirt isnt just a tshirt-deconstruct it, wear it backwards, turn it inside out etc.. All these concepts help the fashion image look more like a high end fashion shot rather than a look you may see from say, More Magazine. Overall i loved the day and it gave me a huge insight into student fashions and obviously styling concepts.

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