Friday, 17 December 2010

The Black Raven

This fashion film I saw today on is absolutely beautiful. I kind of felt like I was in a trance whilst watching it, it's stunning.

Billie Piper, you see in another light altogether, her delicate movements and direct face really enhance the film and add to it's fascination.

The narrative of the film I love: the beginnning showing us the raven herself getting dressed, then onto 4 different looks, until the very end look and the blackest of black raven turns into a different shade. The director, Jez Tozer,
is just incredible.

A/W 2010 » Editorial
Taking inspiration from Negredo - a 'black blacker than the blackest black' and first element of the mythological process of alchemy - this film is a melancholy and emotional evocation of the dark mood of the A/W 2010 collections.



Gorgeous photos and post!!!

Eva Karen said...

the photos are amazing!

Ashes said...

Thanks everyone, the images are just stunning :) XxX