Saturday, 25 June 2011

CREATE Restaurant

I also this week, had my first meeting with CREATE, our Marketing Strategy meeting for our fantastic new venture.

I have joined CREATE at a really exciting time at the minute too because we are near to launching our restaurant in August of this year, with the fabulous chef Richard Walton-Allen.

CREATE is a business that provides a place where people can rebuild life and hope, this place being work. CREATE runs a great business but with every penny made, this money goes right back into training, work experience and the creation of jobs for people who need them most. CREATE offer a great Employment Academy whereby a 12-week personalised work programme is given, in a safe, supportive environment to those who need it, those who may have lost motivation and confidence to get back into work after maybe a hard time in their lives.

The whole ethos of the CREATE brand is one that is honest, giving and truly caring to each and every person that walks through the CREATE doors. I worked for CREATE last summer and if you are a reader of my blog you might have seen some posts on FOUND- where I helped in all aspects, but specifically in merchandising the store, from the shop floor, to the window displays. I began working for CREATE because I am keen and confident in what the people at CREATE believe in, and I am a real supporter in helping others, and also working my socks off to enhance and build on a great company.

Our meeting this thursday went extremely well. In the meeting we looked at everything from our S.W.O.T. to our competition, to our commercial objectives and to our marketing and P.R, so as you can imagine the meeting was very informative, which I felt was very good for myself because then I could get a real insight into the whole process of marketing our restaurant from the word go. The restaurant sounds incredible and I'm extremely excited to see the end product, but I'm also very keen to watch the process unfold as to how to market, launch and open a restaurant. After the meeting, we all left with a job load of work to do but everyone is focused and excited about the next coming months. My task for the week is to really get under the skin of 'Corporates' and 'Bright Young Things'- these being key target segments in the City that we need to really understand for our restaurant. So this week I am going to try and organise some short interviews with these types of people to understand them that little more, to then really focus on where's best to showcase our restaurant.

Working with a great company is a real unique opportunity, in which I will grab with both hands and gain some real experience into marketing on a live event, to a nearing deadline. I'm looking forward to these coming months.

To see more about the CREATE Brand and it's new restaurant visit these webpages...

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