Thursday, 25 November 2010

'Folding Fashion' photoshoot

These are my images for our last university brief, 'Folding Fashion'.

The brief was to concentrate on still life styling for a brand of our choice and to do the photoshoot, we needed to consider how we will show the clothing rather than the accessories in a still life fashion image, without a model.

My chosen brand is American Apparel, I chose this brand because I knew specifically that it would be a challenge to do a still life fashion story as their advertisments are and always have shown a sexy girl in the shot to promote the American Apparel 'product': I say 'product' because I don't really believe that the company is promoting it's products, I think American Apparel is promoting its lifestyle.

These are my images.

I wanted to use the bed sheet as a backdrop to my products to further highlight the sexual connotations AA has in their advertising, and I also wanted to take the product away to leave a silhouette of the product to evoke a story in the images. I leave the story up to the customer to work out.


A La Mode said...

Very nice! Well executed.

Ashes said...

Thank you kindly XxX

Marian said...

well done hun x

Ashes said...

Thanks M XxX

Shelly said...

Very well done, eye catching. :))
I love American Apparel!

Great blog, check mine out too if you feel like it. :)

Ashes said...

Thanks Shelly for your comment XxX