Monday, 31 May 2010

The Building bricks of my fashion world...

In my foundation study year, where we were primarily taught about the ideas surrounding art and design, in my pathway choice I chose, obviously, fashion. Being in this majorly creative place and process, I figured I would dabble with fashion design, please bear in mind my past experience of design and using a sewing machine, was literally making a pillow case for G.C.S.E textiles, and a little jewellry making at a Y.S.P class: for my last project, this was a big task.

I based my design ideas around architecture as (heavenly so) in my last year I visited New York City, which was a major influence (prior to my actual NYC visit also- I have loved NYC since I can remember) in focusing on architecture for my final major project.

Our end of year show sadly didn't happen, I didn't get the chance to showcase my pieces because of the floods back in '07. But since I put pencil to paper and started to design my pieces for that show, I have always been enthralled by architecture's influence on fashion, so when I came across this in my email, I was enthused.

These yummy shoes are from the store 'United Nudes' in NYC: the design of them looks so simple yet very elegant, I'm wondering if the shoe comes in any other colour combinations, or different materials, how amazing would it be if the shoes also came in glass, the colour of deep cherry? Crazy maybe...I love a sturdier heel too so these are on my 'if I had an amazing job and was paid masses amount of money to look at gorgeous clothing 24/7' wish list.

p.s I'm sure you yummy people don't need me to say this designs in 2007- nothing on these lovelies :)

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missrantsypants said...

beautiful structure...but i'd be terrified to walk in them!