Sunday, 9 May 2010

Eleanor Montgomery Atuk

I was sent an email today from the fabulous Habitually Chic blog: a post of a project by Jeannette Montogomery Barron about her pictorial book, celebrating her mother, Eleanor Montgomery Atuk’s clothing and style.

Barron’s mother suffered Alzheimer’s disease before she sadly passed away. Barron used the outlet of photography to help reconnect with her mother before she passed: the book seems almost like a diary of Barron’s mothers fashion and style. The images are stunning, Barron has captured a very delicate and emotive sense in the imagery, and I feel I can understand a little about Barron’s mother and her chic style choices. The charming commentary that stands by the photographs is humble and again evokes a slight glimpse into the family’s life.

My Mother's Clothes from Welcome Books on Vimeo.

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