Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Gentlewoman is a gentle read

I bought The Gentlewoman magazine a good couple of months back but really have only had the chance recently, to grab a huge mug of coffee and blissfully flick through the yummy glossy pages of this brand new, gorgeous publication.

The cover profile immediately grabbed my attention, after digesting the s/s10 collections, Phoebe Philo’s collection really stood out to me for its gorgeous fabrics and stunning muted ochre palette. The front cover of The Gentlewoman magazine nicley resembles Philo’s s/s10 collection colouring. Without hesitation I picked up the magazine and bought it, and for the past few weeks it has been sat on my huge pile of fashion magazines, gleeming at me to read it, and now after 3 photoshoots, plus more deadlines, I have read it :)

This issue was based around the idea of ‘Modernism’. The format of the magazine I love: it’s almost laid out like a novel with different parts and sections. The lovely extra in the middle of the magazine, on the matt, dusty paper highlight references for the whole issue, displaying things that have helped or inspired the writers for the issue, this I love as I really like to understand where ideas come from and where people look to be influenced. The content in the magazine reminded me heavily, of 'Interview' magazine: the writers had interviewed many different women from a variety of occupations and had based each interview around a certain subject, which again I really like, specifically the ‘Modern Planning’ inspired interview with Louise Gray and the ‘Modern Food’ section where Eva Wiseman interviewed the talented Kitty Travers, an ice cream genius, on her eating habits and choices.

As for the fashion in the magazine, although simple, it looks amazing. I especially loved the ‘Tall ‘n Small’ shoot, shot by Daniel Riera and styled by Jodie Barnes, for its quirky and fun concept and yummy imagery, the clothes were gorgeous too.

When I look at fashion/culture magazines I like to see attractive imagery, inviting imagery really, that grabs my attention first and foremost and impels me to read the credits and really look at the styling and the clothing, and The Gentlewoman, alongside its cultural articles, and pleasant layout, certainly did this. Excited for the next issue :)

P.s if you have bought the magazine, how stylish and yummy is the last photoshoot?!- ‘Wardrobe’ shot by Qui Yang and styled by Jonathan Kaye.

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