Friday, 30 April 2010

'Robert Doisneau: Palm Springs 1960' collection

I read in an article, a couple of weeks back, a small piece on the photographer Robert Doisneau.

I realised whilst reading the article that I had come across this photographers work in the past, when I was in Paris in fact on my foundation year , I think I had been to a museum that had an exhibition for his work at the time, as I have in my gigantic collection of inspirational books, a book on Doisneau with the front image being the famous, ‘The Kiss’.

The images however that accompanied the article were very different in terms of format and concept to that of ‘The Kiss’ which was taken in the 50’s. The collection of images shown were from Doisneau’s new book, ‘Robert Doisneau: Palm Springs 1960’. Being a more visual minded person, the images caught my attention prior to the article itself: the bright Californian colours in the imagery, the fashions of the women lounging by the pool and the location for the images are stunning.

If only I had enough money to grab a plane to Paris and see the exhibition showcasing this work, one can always dream :)

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