Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The photoshoot

During the photoshoot we decided to take some shots of us at work. I took some photos of Marie when we were styling up different looks for the shoot. We set up our space for all our jewelry and make up ready for the model coming at 4pm.

We knew we wanted to create 5 definate images as we were photographing the model and mannequin at every possible angle; front, left side, right side, back and one where we wanted to capture the model looking upwards. When organising the looks small changes occured for instance, we realised if we photograph the model looking up, when we super imposed the mannequin on to the model the whole look would be very odd because obviously the mannequins neck didn't move so we had to change this look: so we decided to photograph the model at a side angle and then when super imposing the mannequin and model this time rather than overlapping them both immediatly on top of one another have both mannequin and model looking opposite ways then super impose them just touching heads, and in terms of where this would be placed in the narrative it would look best at the end.

However, before the model came at 4pm, Moira and Adam took photos of our mannequin to get every angle and myself and Marie began to style our ideas on the mannequin to get a better visual of the looks, although once we realised our ideas coming together we thought that the mannequins look on top of the models very organic, natural look would look unsuccessfull also taking into account the lighting that we used because it was so fresh and clean the difference between mannequin and model would have been too harsh. So from this our idea developed and once we took shots of Lucy dressed and styled we realised that the images work really strongly as portraiture pieces alone.

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