Monday, 12 April 2010

Matchbox styling suggestions...

Over the past couple of days I have been having a think about the styling for our Matchbox photoshoot.

I have some ideas that aren't solid ideas at the minute just ideas we as a group can think about.

I realise that the shoot is based around this idea of consumerism and an almost army of women: these women want all these things that are popular or on trend at the minute and we are wanting to look at the concept and bring out the individual in the image, we want to make a heavy point on the individual i.e the model. Our images are being created to question and highlight why we are a ‘mass consumer’ society. We want to create a literal uniformed look, making the mannequins strongly similar and making the model stand out and show her identity. The mannequins could almost be made out to look like a Barbie doll-highlighting the very fake look.

Here's my thoughts;

-I think whatever clothing we get needs to have a military feel to it because of the idea of the uniform and row of models/mannequins- militant looking
-with the earth/air/fire/water idea in mind- we could choose different pieces of clothing that you wear when in earth /air/ fire /water circumstances- i.e swimwear, safari/utilarian look/ summer wear etc....
-we could go for earth/air/fire/water literally with the colour palette of the clothing. earth- natural tones: air-sheer fabrics, ice blue: fire-hot reds, oranges: water-blues, violets

With regards to the idea of the smokey look of the photograph, and the post I have spoke about on here with the idea of using a mirror to make the model and mannequin multiply, we could take the images from the reflection in a mirror, if you check out one of our photographers' blogs, Moira took an image of a model through the mirror and the debris that was on the mirror created a nice smokey,uneven effect.

Another idea when considering the styling for the matchbox shoot, we could literally look at a subculture or a certain type of person in a group i.e western guys, army military: people that are always in a group and take styling ideas from their group??? as we are takin imagery of a group of women/mannequins/models.

We could literally play with the idea of reflections: maybe use a mirror for the reflection but with post production take control of the reflection and change the reflection to something more ironic for the consumerism theme????

We are having a group meeting tomorrow so some of the ideas will be discussed tomorrow.

I will keep you guys posted :)

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