Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Graham Dolphin

In our lecture the other day, where we discussed art and fashion: its crossovers and links, we were given plenty of names of creative people in creative industries and one man that stood out to me, when considering our ideas for the ‘matchbox’ shoot, was Graham Dolphin.

His name stuck out because Adam explained to us his projects and the work Dolphin creates: within his work he specialises in defacing beauty and fashion imagery, this is something I think we are wanting to consider in our shoot, whether it be on the day of the shoot or through post production. Dolphin's almost compulsion of re-presenting the objects, images, sounds and music of fashion as well as popular culture, is Dolphin's trademark in his work. Dolphin’s work focuses on objects and icons of the music and fashion industry, modernising them into constructed imagery that highlight obsessions with the progressive world of mass culture. In our shoot we want to highlight and look at ideas surrounding mass consumerism and ideas with complexities, rather than creating fashion imagery that just looks like ‘pretty’ and beautiful imagery. Each of us in the group prefer imagery that has underlining meaning.

I love the fact that Dolphin works onto his objects and images and adds layers to the imagery. His main way of introducing fashion in his work is through fashion advertisements- he kinda vandalizes the imagery and turns them into something else. Dolphin’s book, ‘Everything in Vogue’ mainly focuses on Dolphin’s fashion work but also portrays other projects he has been involved with.

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