Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fashion styling

In ‘The Home is where the Heart is’ issue of I.D magazine I came across a photo shoot that really reminded me of our matchbox photoshoot..

The fashion story is about a traveller, globe trotting around the world, and the fashion shoot showcases her clothing. Although the photoshoot wasn’t portraiture as our photoshoot became, the reference to the idea was uncanny. The styling and the make up choices were very similar to ours. The stylist, Havana Laffitte chose a customised headpiece for the photoshoot and the make up artist, Tyron, had applied what looks like white paint to the models face again to reiterate the look of a tribe. The styling kinda gives the model a warrior look, and with this the poses help to get this image across, in our photoshoot we only had to play with the head and neck of our model so as stylists we had more of a challenge as to try and portray a specific mood through very little, physically of the model, but I think we achieved this with our direction, make up and simple but effective styling.

The headpiece in both shoots, ours and I.D’s, I believe to be very striking and aids our concept further adding a ‘helmet’ almost, showcases this tribal/warrior sense derived from the four elements we were thinking about: earth, air, water and fire.

In the same issue of I.D and literally immediately after the shoot just mentioned, the magazine has looked at ‘The Eco warrior’ in a much more ‘fashiony’ way than that from ‘The Global Traveller’ shoot. The model’s look is much more pretty and more ‘clichéd’. Also the shoot is on location so it immediately adds a different sense to that of a studio shoot. The styling has a much more ‘hippy’ feel to it rather than a strong, natural sense. If I had to describe this shoot in comparison to the last; this one is ‘air’ and the first shoot would definitely be ‘fire’. The lighting is also much softer than the Global traveller shoot.

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