Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A sprinkle of SALT

I admire Angelina Jolie as an actress, a woman, a goodwill ambassador and a style icon, so in light of her new film out in august, I have been keeping a close eye on Jolie's style choices for the premieres  and promotional events for SALT, which I cannot wait to see.

So far Jolie has attended many events promoting the film, wether she be in Moscow, Tokyo, L.A. or Mexico she has made some chic fashion choices....but I do question wether some are a little too safe, because I mean with her lifestyle, beautiful family and her amazing body she can crank up the glamour.

Here's a few....

Tokyo, wearing a Versace Gown. This is quite a simple choice but the cut of the gown is sexy and adds extra style.

Moscow, wearing an absolutely gorgeous dress, Angies make up and accessories are kept to a minimum, the dress can speak for itself. Her hair looks amazing too, a trademark of Angies-long and luscious.

L.A., wearing an Emporio Armani, sequined mini, chicly placed with nude Ferragamo heels. 

Mexico, wearing a Versace Strapless in classic white.

Jolie may wear plenty of black, with different fabrics and textures but I think it's her natural beauty that makes every ensemble look incredible.
My favourite? Gotta be the red floor length, her whole look is stunning.
I wonder how Evelyn Salt (her character) dresses being an CIA officer, maybe more black?

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She's a true Beaut... I agree - what makes an outfit is the person who wears it - you have to be comfortable wearing the threads otherwise it looks wrong.

Love the blog - Ill be back for more

Yours truly